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Bed bugs Symptoms

Common Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty pests who invade the living space to feed on unsuspecting human and animal hosts. Besides being a nuisance, they cause painful bites and make you feel vulnerable in your own home.

Due to their discreet nature, a bed bug infestation can go unnoticed for several days or weeks. With a few easy tips, you can identify the symptoms of bed bugs and treat the problem sooner to restore your quality of life.

Here are the most common signs of bed bug infestations you should keep your eyes open for:

Bed Bug Bites

One of the earliest signs of bed bugs is waking up in the morning to a few bite marks.

At first, it can be hard to tell if a bite is caused by a bed bug or another type of insect. There are a few traits to look out for to help you narrow down the cause of the problem. Keep in mind, some bed bug bites take a few days to appear after the initial feed.

What separates a bed bug bite from any other insect is that they:

  • Are small, flat or raised bumps
  • Cause redness, itchiness, swelling and a burning sensation
  • Often appear on exposed areas of skin in a consistent row or line pattern (other insect bites appear on many different parts of the body)
  • Can trigger a skin rash or in rare cases, a strong response from asthma sufferers

Blood Stains

Blood stains occur as the result of a bed bug bite or the pest being crushed while you were asleep. These stains are a common symptom that often appear on bed sheets or the mattress. Of course, these pests love to explore so you may also find stains on furniture, carpet, floorboards, clothes, and even walls.

Skin Casings, Faecal Matter and Scents

Finding live bed bugs is not easy. But they do leave behind plenty of evidence of their visit that’s easy to spot.

During development, baby bed bugs shed their skin at least 5 times before they mature into an adult. These moulted skin casings can be found scattered on bed sheets, mattress seams, carpets, timber floorboards, and your wardrobes.

Other bed bugs symptoms you may come across are dark ‘rusty’ stains, tiny faecal pallets, and a strong musty odour in concentrated places.

Do You Sense Something Foul In Your Premise?

So, you’ve just found signs of bed bugs on the premise – great! Although, treatment can be hard if you don’t have the knowledge or equipment to get rid of the source of the infestation.

An inspection from Critter Busters will help identify bed bug symptoms and allow our pest controllers to provide the most effective treatment based on your unique circumstances. By using chemical-free treatment, we remove the need to evacuate the premise or throw away bedding.

To remove bed bugs from your property, call (02) 4733 6943 for an obligation-free quote.

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