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Cockroach Bait

Cockroach Bait

Cockroach bait comes in a range of gels, strips and pellets that contain active ingredients to kill cockroaches. By ingesting and carrying the bait back to the nest, the roaches and eggs are poisoned and eventually die from dehydration. Most baits are effective for up to 3 months – afterwards they dry up and need replacing.

While DIY bait stations can be effective, they need to be placed in areas where the roaches frequently travel – otherwise you may not get the best results. Baits in exposed areas may also be harmful to pets and crawling toddlers.

A no-obligation pest inspection from a licensed professional can solve your roach problem for good.

The Critter Busters Difference

Cockroach activity is different in every home. Unless you know how cockroaches are coming in and where they are setting up nests – solving the problem is a guessing game.

Critter Busters take the guesswork out of cockroach control. We locate unwanted pests and establish a long-term solution to solve your roach problem. Our certified technicians are familiar with the most common hiding spots and entry points, so you know you’re treatment is done right the first time.

All cockroach bait is discreet and placed in concealed areas away from pets and children. We don’t simply treat your home and call it a day. Critter Busters perform follow-up appointments to ensure your home is a roach-free zone for good – not just a few months.

  • We locate roach nests, general traffic and entry points
  • We setup baiting stations and seal all entry points
  • We give you expert advice on keeping your home free of roaches
Licensed and Professional

Critter Busters are certified in all forms of cockroach control and management. Our team receive up-to-date training on the latest industry practices to maintain the highest degree of professionalism.


You have better things to be going, we get it.

Critter Busters save you time on trying to solve the roach problem on your own. Our process is quick, easy and won’t take time away from your day.

Most treatments take less than an hour to complete and we leave behind no mess or smelly odours. You

Preventative Tips

What can you do to stop cockroaches from calling your place home? Regular house maintenance and cleaning is the easiest way to prevent roach infestations.

Try these easy to follow tips yourself:

  • Get rid of any sources of open food and store in concealed containers
  • Rinse bottles, cans and plastic goods before placing in recycling bins
  • Regularly wipe clean dining tables, kitchen countertops and other surfaces
  • Seal possible entry points such as gaps under doors, opened windows, drainage pipes, loose wall sockets and cracks or crevices.
Have any Questions?

We know a thing or two about cockroaches.

If you have a cockroach problem that needs solving, call us on (02) 4733 6943 to book a no-obligation inspection.

Get in touch with us for more information about our cockroach baits and treatments.

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