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Cockroach Bomb

The Truth About Cockroach Bombs

Cockroach bombs, also known as ‘total release foggers’, are pest control products you can buy in-store to kill a range of pests including fleas, ants, bed bugs, spiders and of course, cockroaches.

The advantage of cockroach bombs is their ease and simplicity. Simply place the canister in an empty room, release the pesticide into the air and the chemicals will fall down to the surface, killing any pests who are unlucky enough to be out in the open.

Sounds good, right?

Do Bug Bombs Really Work?

The effectiveness of cockroach bombs is often questioned by consumers and something we often get asked about.

The truth is, while these bombs can do a good job at eliminating some surface pests, the same cannot be said about cockroaches.

That’s because cockroaches prefer to dwell in dark, concealed and moisture-rich places. These include drainage pipes, tiny cracks and crevices, underneath furniture, ceilings, cabinets, cupboards and outdoor gardens.

The problem with bug bombs is they only make contact with exposed surfaces like the ground, furniture, desks, tables and cabinets. The air particles are simply unable to reach the concealed places where cockroaches spend most of their time.

So while you may be able to kill a few unlucky roaches out in the open, you won’t get to the source of the problem.

Health and Safety Risks

Not only are cockroach bombs only effective in killing surface pests, they pose a health and safety risk to your family.

The key active ingredients in bug bombs are pyrethroid and pyrethrin. Pyrethroid is a class of synthetic insecticides, while pyrethrin are insecticides derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Pyrethrin exposure can cause a range of abnormal skin reactions such as burning, tingling, numbness and itchiness. Along with more serve symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, diarrhoea, headaches and salivation.

Bug bombs also contain flammable gases, which can increase the risk of explosion if released in a room with an open pilot light or naked flame.

A Safer Alternative to Killing Cockroaches

Cockroach bombs can be effective if used correctly and for spot treating certain areas.

While you may enjoy a few days of relief from pesky cockroaches, you have more success by hiring a licensed pest expert.

Critter Busters is a team of certified pest controllers with experience saving many homes from cockroach infestations. By inspecting the area and finding common hot spots, we can use a range of bait stations, dusting powders and gels to kill the infestation. These treatments are discreet, odourless and kept away from the reach of pets and children.

By choosing a professional service, you avoid exposing your family to harmful pesticides, and having to leave the home for several hours. We implement a long-term solution and give you expert advice to prevent cockroaches from coming back.

Relief from unwanted pests is one easy phone call away. Call (02) 4733 6943 to book a no-obligation inspection with a licensed professional.

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