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Pest Control in Camden

Safe and reliable treatment

Less than an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD, Camden is a country town that blends rural living with modern lifestyle experiences. As part of the Macarthur region, residents will discover a sprawling outback setting with bush trails, bike paths, scenic hills and vibrant greenery in all directions. Camden is a welcoming place for all walks of life, and unfortunately, that goes for the many termites and pests in the local area too. But you’re in luck, because the premier company in pest control Camden is here – the Critter Busters!

Kill Those Unwanted Guests for Good – Safely and Effectively

Armed with the latest eco-friendly and family-friendly-pest control solutions, we effectively kill pests that wreak havoc on your home:

When they’re not snooping around in the kitchen, rummaging through your personal belongings or sneaking up on you – pests are spreading disease that pose a risk to your family. You can try using store bought ‘all-in-one’ solutions, but if you don’t remove the source of the problem… they’ll be back in no time.

Critter Busters save you from the hassle of blindly guessing. We perform a thorough inspection of the property, locate any nests, and enforce the most effective strategy to kill unwanted pests for good.

Our pest control products are eco-friendly and safe to use around pets, children and the family. With controlled dosages that target specific entry points around the home, you’ll hardly notice the treatment is even there – but rest assured, they work tirelessly to protect your home!

Timber and Pre-Purchase Inspections

What better way to protect your property investment that with a timber inspection? Get the answers you need fast, with a comprehensive inspections performed by licensed professionals.

After assessing the quality of your timber materials, you’ll know if your home is infested and will receive a range of cost-effective termite treatments.

Are you buying or selling a home? We can save you from heartache with a pre-purchase inspection.

Why Critter Busters is the Answer for You

We all know how awful it is to find a major pest infestation in your home. But there are so many other factors to consider. How much will pest control in Camden cost me? Will I have to relocate during treatment? What if the problem doesn’t go away?

These are the kind of questions we hear from clients all the time.

At Critter Busters, you not only get safe and effective treatment from unwanted pests – you get follow-up appointments to ensure the treatment is working. We monitor the performance of the treatment and make sure everything is working as it should be.

Pest control is eco-friendly and safe for pets, children and pregnant mothers
Neat, tidy and professionally licensed technicians
Timber inspections and pre-purchase property inspections
Honest and upfront pricing – no hidden charges
Local knowledge and experience working in Camden homes
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