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Pest Control St Marys

Pest Management Solutions for the Home and Business

Do you have some ‘uninvited guests’ that need to be evicted? Whether you are in the home or workplace, pests are more than just a nuisance – they can be a major hazard to your property. Not to mention a health risk to your family, staff and customers. For total peace of mind, our pest control in St Mary can help protect your premise now and the near-future.

Critter Busters is a proudly Australian owned and operated business with a strong presence in St Marys and the surrounding suburbs. Our mobile pest controllers are fully-equipped to handle any kind of pest problem in the home, commercial or industrial space. By choosing a local business, you won’t have to wait long for a pest controller and you get expert service tailored to your environment.

When you call Critter Busters, you can say goodbye to the following pests:

Residential Pest Control

Few things are more unsettling than seeing a spider scatter along the ground. Or a pesky cockroach nibbling on last night’s leftovers. At Critter Busters, we have the skills and resources to effectively get rid of household termites and pests with minimal fuss to your day.

Critter Busters use the best pest control in St Marys to contain the current infestation and prevent another attack from spoiling your day. By taking into consideration your property and the extent of the problem, you get a custom quote that accurately reflects the type of treatment you need.

Once your property has been treated, Critter Busters will provide helpful tips to reduce the risk of another invasion. We also do a follow-up appointment to make sure the treatment is keeping your home pest-free for good.

Rest assured all of our treatment plans are discreet, eco-friendly and pose no risk of harm to humans, pets or the general wildlife.

Commercial Pest Control

In business, keeping the workplace pest-free is not just a matter of comfort, it’s a health and safety requirement. Critter Busters has a zero-tolerance attitude towards pests in the workplace and will come up with a proactive solution to meet your needs.

Our team is fully-equipped with the proper tools and resources to control pests in any St Marys commercial space. From restaurants to cafes, retail shops, showroom floors, commercial offices and warehouses, no matter what industry you are in we have a solution for you.

With the risk of bacteria and disease in food preparation sites, Critter Busters is up-to-date with the Food Standards Code and knows how to control pests in compliance with the legal requirements.

Why Choose Critter Busters

Fully licensed and insured for up to $10 million in public liability
Serving all areas of St Marys
Custom treatment plans to suit your exact needs
Eco-friendly and non-harmful to humans, pets or wildlife
Speedy on-time arrival
Covered by a workmanship guarantee
FREE site inspection and quote

Get Rid of Your Pest Problem

To book an appointment for pest control in St Marys, call us on (02) 4733 6943 or fill out the online enquiry form. Our friendly team will arrange a time and day that fits in with your schedule.

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