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Pest Control Services to Save Your Sydney Home

Critter Busters knows a thing or two about pests and will do everything they can to treat your home. Our pet and family-friendly treatments are discreet and highly effective in killing pests inside and outside the home. All Critter Busters technicians are fully licensed, insured and experienced in all forms of pest management and control.

We provide a range of pest control services for all major areas in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. From building inspections to termite management and general pest control – all your pest management needs are covered.

Treating your home is affordable and comes at a generous fixed cost.

Critter Busters eliminate the following pests:

The Risks of Poor Pest Management

Pests are more than just a nuisance.

Cockroaches, termites and rodents spread all kinds of germs and diseases. Due to the amount of rotten garbage cockroaches eat, they can trigger allergic reactions and transmit diseases to humans such as gastroenteritis and salmonella.

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Fight Back Against Bad Bugs

Critter Busters use advanced tracking and monitoring technology to analyse pest behaviour. These methods are non-disruptive and help us arrange the perfect strategy to stop your pests

Depending on the severity of the infestation, we will recommend a range of physical bait stations and traps to isolate the problem. Chemical barriers are particularly effective in eliminating termites and preventing the infestation from growing.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Safe to use around pets, children and pregnant mothers
Concealed dosages in discreet areas
Ongoing treatment monitoring

Hassle-Free Inspection

Are you interested in buying a new home? Have you fallen behind on your annual pest inspections?

Critter Busters reveal the secrets of your home or commercial property. Licensed technicians survey a range of spaces inside the building such as interior walls, floorboards, drainage pipes, handrails, ceilings and the surrounding outdoor space.

A detailed inspection report will tell you the condition of the building and a range of cost-effective treatments.

Why Choose Critter Busters

EPA licensed Pest Management Technicians
Non-Toxic Pest Control
Available in Sydney and surrounding suburbs
Fixed Costs – No Hidden Fees
Ongoing Treatment and Support
Free Quotes

Get Rid of Pests

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