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Imagine walking into the kitchen and being greeted by an army of ants feeding on last night’s leftovers. Or preparing a cup of coffee in the staff room and seeing a line of ants head towards the sugar container.

Sure, you could grab the bug spray – but you know hundreds of other ants will soon take their place.

Don’t you think it’s time to put an end to these unwanted guests?

How to Control Ant Activity

Trying to control an ant infestation can leave you running around in circles. The problem is ants prefer to travel in groups, and they leave behind a pheromone trail that attracts more ants to the area.

No wonder so many people have trouble with ants!

However, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make around the home or workplace to reduce the risk of infestation:

Immediately clean up spills
Don’t leave leftovers sitting exposed for too long
Keep sweet treats and condiments in sealed containers
Tie up bin bags when placing them into the garbage bin
Maintain the garden by trimming weeds, mowing the lawn and using appropriate pest control

These lifestyle changes can help lower the risk of infestation. But sometimes the DIY approach can only achieve so much – that’s when you need professional ant control.

Are ants still wreaking havoc? Call Critter Busters on (insert number) or send an enquiry for professional ant control in Sydney.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Ant Control

An ant inspection can reveal the extent of the infestation.

At Critter Busters, we conduct a thorough search of the property in the subfloor, foundation, areas of vegetation, patios, ceiling and floorboards. You receive a detailed inspection report with photographic evidence of the infestation and a list of cost-effective treatment plans.

Baiting stations and chemical control are the two most common forms of ant control.

Chemical treatment is applied as a liquid gel or dry powder formula to form a barrier that can kill the current infestation and stop more ants from entering. A baiting station is discreetly applied to infect nearby ants, which eventually spreads the poison and eliminates the entire colony.

All ant control methods are safe to use around pets, family and wildlife.

Why Choose Critter Busters

The Critter Busters team have in-depth knowledge of behaviour for all kinds of ant species.

Our knowledge and expertise gets rid of the guesswork and improves the efficiency of the ant control. The team uses special equipment and tools to eliminate the current infestation and greatly reduce the risk of another infestation.

You don’t just get a one-time treatment either. The Critter Busters team works closely with you to provide long-term relief from ants. If the problem comes back within the warranty period, you get free ant control in Sydney from Critter Busters.

Custom treatment plants for homes and businesses
Detailed copy of inspection report
Safe, non-toxic and discreet
Fully licensed and insured
Value for money
Covered by warranty

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