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About Bird Lice and How to Treat the Problem

Bird lice (also known as ‘bird mites’) are often found where birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and poultry build nests. When the birds leave or get trapped and die, the lice search for another human or animal host to survive. Spring and summer are ideal breeding conditions for bird lice in Sydney. These pests often seek shelter in the damp and humid places of your bedroom, furniture, bedding, bathroom, interior walls and carpet.

Bites from bird lice are not life-threating but they do cause intense swelling of the skin, itchiness and skin irritation. To prevent further biting, you can apply an insect repellent to the skin.

Bird Lice Treatment

Controlling bird mites in Sydney around the home is vital to stopping an infestation.

It is a good idea to find and remove bird nests around the property. Most nests are found in hard-to-reach places such as trees, rooftops, eaves and chimneys, wall cavities and window ledges. Also, be aware that removing a bird nest puts you at risk of contracting a number of bacterial diseases.

Afterwards, treat the main living areas with suitable pesticide and seal up any tight crevices or openings. If you don’t have safety equipment, gloves or a mask – an expert pest controller can treat the immediate area and proof the property.

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Why Choose Critter Busters for Bird Lice Control

Preventative measures are the most effective way to control bird lice in Sydney. After all, if birds are allowed to dwell on the property, bird mites will continue to feed and grow in rapid numbers.

Critter Busters use eco-friendly insecticide to treat areas inside the property and setup preventative measures to keep birds away from the premise. Our products are people, pet and environmentally-friendly and exclusive to licensed pest controllers.

With a smart combination of onsite treatment and preventative measures, you can enjoy long-term peace of mind with a Critter Busters warranty.

Licensed and insured technicians
Long-term bird proofing
Immediate bird lice treatment
People, pet and environmentally-friendly treatments
Warranty for all products and services

Keep Away Bird Lice in Sydney

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