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How to Identify and Control Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs, also known as ‘white grubs,’ are an immature form of different scarab beetles from around the world such as European chafers, Japanese beetles and June bugs (traditional beetles).

In Australia, these pests come out during the warmer months of October – March to feed on grass and other organic material. Once they turn into adult beetles, they mate and lay eggs to grow the population.

Warning Signs of Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs are easy to spot in the wild. They are white, C-shaped pests with soft bodies and legs near their head. During their early days, the pupae (the stage of development between a larvae and adult) dwell in the soil to feed on grass roots. Once the pupae turn into beetles, they emerge from the soil to feed on garden foliage, flowers and more grass.

Due to their discreet nature, you probably won’t see lawn grubs in plain sight. But you will notice the following signs of destruction:

  •   Brown Lawn Patches – Your grass should be vibrant and green in the warmer months. Inconsistent patches of brown or dead turf could be the result of lawn grubs feeding on it. Lift the turf from the ground. If it rolls up like a carpet (due to a lack of grass roots), you’ll know who the culprit is.
  •   Increased Bird Activity – Want to know a fun fact? Birds love to eat lawn grubs. So if your place has lately become a popular dining spot for birds, they are probably on the hunt for lawn grubs!
  •   Damp or ‘Spongey’ Turf – Before a section of turf goes brown, it could be damp or moist during the feeding frenzy. If you notice damp patches – and it hasn’t been raining or the lawn has not been watered – you know who it could be.
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Treating Lawn Grubs

While it’s okay to have a few lawn grubs lying around, an emerging pattern of lawn damage should be treated early.

There are two ways to treat lawn grubs: apply a preventative pesticide for a long-term solution or treat an existing infestation. You need to use the right pesticide for the job and keep the lawn irrigated during the hotter months so the grass does not burn.

If you are having no luck evicting these nasty pests, you can get fast and affordable relief with help from Critter Busters.

Our licensed pest controllers will assess the state of your lawn and identify the key areas that need treating. They will take into consideration the time of the season and level of moisture to provide a tailored treatment that will kill the current problem and protect your lawn from future infestations.

All of our products are non-toxic to pets and humans and will not destroy your beloved lawn.

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