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Pest Control for Strata and Rental Properties

Quality Strata and Rental Pest Management Solutions

Before your purchase a strata property or lease a property out to new tenants, you should arrange a pest inspection so you can reveal any hidden risks. Critter Busters is a licensed and insured service provider who offers peace of mind with routine inspections and pest control for strata properties.

Whether you need a last-minute report or have an emergency infestation, our mobile team is fully-equipped to handle any type of pest problem. Our service are carried out in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act (sect. 108).

Why Arrange Strata Inspection and Pest Control?

The purchase of a strata property comes with many risks.

You need to be aware of financial status of the body corporate, along with the existing insurance policies and history of building works. This information can help you make an informed decision and avoid dealing with hassles in the near-future.

You are entitled to arrange a strata inspection and receive a detailed strata report. This report will tell you the following details of the building:

Current and former building problems
Evidence of current and former pest problems
Planned major works
Special levies
Most recent financial statements
Every insurance policy taken out by the owner’s corporation
Any other information or records under custody by the owner’s corporation
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Pest Control for Strata

The result of the inspection will tell you if you need pest control for the strata building. Critter Busters will take you through the results of the inspection and provide a custom treatment plan at an affordable cost.

Our team is fully-equipped to deal with all types of strata pests. We can work directly with the owner’s corporation to treat the current infestation and setup a preventative plan so your new investment is safe for the long-term.

All treatment is covered by a workmanship guarantee so in the unlikely event the problem comes back – you are fully covered.

Pest Control for Rental Properties

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, at the commencement of a tenancy it is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure the premise is clean, hygienic and fit to live in. However, if the tenant has encouraged the pest activity (i.e. leaving the place untidy, bringing beg bugs back from a recent holiday), they could be liable for the cost of pest control for the rental property.

It is also common for tenants to have the premise treated by a licensed pest controller at the end of a lease. If they had pets, the tenant may also need to treat the premise to reduce the risk of fleas.

Critter Busters provides a range of eco-friendly pest control for rental properties. Our treatments are not toxic to humans, pets and wildlife. We will be happy to deal directly with the tenants and work around their schedule so as not to disrupt their lifestyle. Most common pests can be dealt with in a single appointment.

After the initial inspection, you get an obligation-free quote and a copy of all receipts after the treatment.

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Why Choose Critter Busters?

Effective relief from all types of pests
Strata and rental property services
Detailed strata reports
Minimal disruption for tenants
Eco-friendly treatments
Covered by workmanship guarantee

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