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In Australia, there is an estimated 10,000 species of spiders who inhabit a range of ecosystems in the urban, bush and metropolitan region. Most spiders are harmless – and some protect the home from a number of flying and crawling insects – but their presence does insight fear and anxiety in many people. At Critter Busters, we know how to deal with spider control in Sydney and offer a range of people, pet and environmentally-friendly treatment plans.

Are Spiders Controlling Us?

It is true that Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders in the world. From the funnel web, to the red back and white tail spider – the thought of sharing your home with one of these creatures is frightening. In fact, the funnel web spider is native to New South Wales, and has a highly toxic venom that is injected through the skin with large fangs.

Most spider bites are not life-threatening, but they do cause temporary pain, swelling and itchiness. For sensitive individuals, a sudden nip can make you feel nauseas and result in a trip to the emergency room.

For these reasons, spider control in Sydney should be left to expert technicians who know where spiders love to hide, and know when to use the right products to deal with different kinds of species.

Effective Spider Control Options

Critter Busters use products that are exclusive to pest controllers to provide immediate and ongoing treatment. Our products are Australian-certified and discreet, eco-friendly and toxic-free – so they are safe to use near pets, children and the family.

All products are suitable for use in residential and commercial properties and come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Critter Busters provide fast and effective relief from these dangerous pests:

Funnel web spiders
Red back spiders
Wolf spiders
White tail spiders
Black house spiders

No two infestations are ever the same and each property needs a different approach to spider control in Sydney. Critter Busters will take the time to inspect common hiding spots inside and outside the premise. And provide an affordable treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

We guarantee to arrive on time and leave the place looking the same as before we arrived – but with no more spiders!

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Why Choose Critter Busters for Spider Control

Critter Busters is fully-equipped to deal with large and repeat infestations.

By drawing from years of independent research and on-the-field experience, the team can help you detect the early signs of an infestation, and target the affected area with custom spider control in Sydney.

Our licensed team is courteous and will treat the premise with zero-fuss to your home life or business. With an exclusive Critter Busters warranty, you can relax knowing you are safe from spiders for the long-term.

Here are the many reasons why the locals of Sydney choose Critter Busters:

Licensed and insured technicians
All treatments covered by a warranty
People, pet and environmentally-friendly
On-time arrival
Your premise is left exactly the way it was found
Free quotes

Get Rid of Spiders Now

Does the thought of sharing your personal space with a spider send a shiver down your spine? For fast and effective spider control in Sydney, call us on (02) 4733 6943 to discuss your treatment options.

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