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Termite Inspections Glenmore Park

When was the last time you had a termite inspection in Glenmore Park? If you can’t remember – you could be at-risk.

Glenmore Park is a wonderful place to live, wouldn’t you agree? It has everything a growing family needs to live in peace and harmony. Fantastic schools, outdoor activity spots for the kids and a high resale value for properties – what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, the threat of termites is one thing to keep in mind. Due to the rise of new housing estates in Glenmore Park, there is a very real risk of increased termite attacks over the next few years.

Now is the perfect time to prepare yourself. All you need to do is arrange a professional termite inspection in Glenmore Park. It’s that easy! And if you want a pest control service that is prompt, professional and reliable – look no further than Critter Busters.

Trusted Local Termite Inspections

Critter Busters is familiar with the Glenmore Park area. As proud members of the community we work closely with homeowners, business owners, strata management and real estate agents to provide only the best termite management services.

Our licensed pest experts use their local knowledge, skills and experience to carefully assess your home or business and give you a detailed inspection report. For convenience most inspections only take around 60 to 90 minutes – so you can keep your plans for the day!

Critter Busters is equipped with the latest termite inspection tools. These include thermal image cameras, moisture meters, electronic odour detectors and the Termatract® T3i. By using these devices, the job is done quickly with zero-risk of causing the pests to panic and relocate.

In most cases, you will receive an inspection report with photos via email within 24-hours of the inspection taking place. All termite inspections in Glenmore Park are compliant with Australian Standard AS 3660.2-2000. These reports are easy to read and contain the following items for you to review:

Fully Equipped and Ready

Critter Busters is fully-equipped with the latest thermal image cameras, moisture meters, electronic odour detectors and the Termatrac® T3i tracking device.

These devices are used to speed up the inspection process, reduce the risk of causing the termites to relocate and ensure the root cause of the problem is found. And they are non-destructive so there is no need to drill holes into the walls.

All inspection tools are operated by fully licensed technicians with years of experience and regular training.

Evidence of live termites and type of species
Timber damage (i.e. rotting or flaking wood)
Previous termite treatment (i.e. chemical barrier or baiting stations)
Risk of future termite attacks
Recommended treatment with a custom quote


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Termite Treatment and Prevention

Effective termite management is a long-term process – not something that happens overnight.

Based on the results of your inspection, Critter Busters will propose a custom treatment plan to suit your needs and circumstances. Each plan comes with a custom quote so you know exactly how much the treatment will cost.

All treatments offered by Critter Busters are eco-friendly and safe to use in any environment with children, pets and other wildlife. They are also made to be out of sight so you can forget about those termites and get on with life.

Below are the most effective and popular forms of treatment we offer:

  • Liquid Chemical Barrier: An effective form of treatment that provides immediate and lasting relief from all kinds of termites. Applied as a liquid spray, it can be installed either into the soil beneath the ground or around the perimeter of the building’s foundation. When setup correctly a liquid barrier can provide several years of protection from termites.
  • Termite Baiting Station: Termite baiting stations come in two varieties: above-ground and in-ground. While above-ground stations are used to remove drywood termites, in-ground stations are used to get rid of subterranean termites who travel underground. Each baiting station is enclosed and contains termite bait, which is consumed by worker termites. When the termites return to the nest, they infect the other worker termites and queen – thus killing the whole colony.

Protect Your Home or Business

Don’t wait for a termite invasion to take over your property. Enjoy total peace of mind today with a comprehensive termite inspection from the local experts at Critter Busters.

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