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Termite Inspections for Jordan Springs

Safeguard your home or business from termites for good

Termites can be very hard to detect. When they invade your home or business, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage and affect the resale value of your property. That’s why the CSIRO recommends having a professional termite inspection in Jordan Springs for the early detection of termites and other timber pests.

Critter Busters specialise in the early detection and treatment of timber pests for both private and commercial clients. Combining advanced technology and local knowledge, we detect termite activity and provide effective treatment to save the building from long-term damage.

For your convenience most inspections only take 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the type of property.

Advanced Termite Inspection Technology

Critter Busters use a combination of the latest inspection tools to locate with exact precision both termites and their nest. Common devices used are moisture meters, electronic odour detectors, thermal image cameras and the Termatrac® T3i tracking device.

These devices are non-invasive and used by highly trained professionals. There is no need to drill holes into the wall or run the risk of causing the termites to panic. So you can relax knowing the inspection will be carried out with minimal fuss.

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Inside the Report

Within 24-hours of the inspection you will get an easy to read inspection report via email. All inspection reports are laid out in compliance with AS3660.1 – 2000 Australian Standard.

Your easy-to-read inspection report will contain a custom quote for treatment and the following items:

Evidence of live termites and their species
Breakdown of areas inspected
Possible entry points
Timber damage (i.e. rotting or flaking wood)
Previous termite treatment (i.e. physical barriers or baiting stations)
Risk of future termite attacks

Termite Treatment

If pests are found after the termite inspection in Jordan Springs, we will recommend a custom treatment plan to kill the current infestation and protect you from future threats.

All termite treatments provided by Critter Busters are eco-friendly and present no risk of harm to humans, pets or other wildlife. Each form of treatment is tailored to your exact needs and backed by a workmanship guarantee for peace of mind.

Below are the most common and popular treatments we provide:

  • Liquid Chemical Barrier: A safe and effective way to stop termites from getting into your property. A liquid chemical barrier is made of liquid termiticide and proven to provide immediate relief from termites. And they provide years of lasting protection with no maintenance required. Typically, the barrier is installed deep within the soil or around the perimeter of the building’s foundation.
  • Baiting Stations: Baiting stations come in two forms: in-ground and above-ground. Which one is used depends on whether the team is dealing with subterranean or drywood termites. Each station contains termiticide, which is consumed by worker termites. The infected termites return to the nest who then infect the remaining workers and queen – thus killing the colony.

Safeguard Your Property

Critter Busters is ready to safeguard your home or business.

Whether you are overdue for an annual termite inspection, or you need a pre-purchase inspection before the final sale – we can help you.

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