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Termite Inspections for Penrith

How a 90-minute termite inspection could save Penrith residents up to $6,000 in property repairs

Like most suburbs in the Greater Western Sydney region, Penrith is a high-risk area for termite activity.

As one of the most destructive pests in Australia, termites are estimated to cause more damage to homes than flood, fire, storms and tempest combined. And if you think your home building insurance will cover the cost of treatment or repairs – think again.

Critter Busters provide annual termite inspections and pre-purchased termite inspection for the Penrith community.

Professional Termite Inspections

By using the latest inspection tools, we pinpoint the exact source of the infestation – without causing the termites to panic and relocate. We then give you an inspection report with a custom quote for treatment.

Critter Busters are proud members of the Penrith community. We provide fast, reliable and professional termite inspections and treatment for homes, businesses, strata properties and real estate agents.

Rest assured our highly skilled team are fully licensed and insured for total peace of mind – plus all treatment comes with a workmanship guarantee.

For early detection book your annual termite inspection in Penrith today. Call (insert number) or complete the online form to arrange a suitable day and time.

Fully Equipped and Ready

Critter Busters is fully-equipped with the latest thermal image cameras, moisture meters, electronic odour detectors and the Termatrac® T3i tracking device.

These devices are used to speed up the inspection process, reduce the risk of causing the termites to relocate and ensure the root cause of the problem is found. And they are non-destructive so there is no need to drill holes into the walls.

All inspection tools are operated by fully licensed technicians with years of experience and regular training.

The Inspection Process

On a convenient day your pest technician will arrive on time to carry out the termite inspection in Penrith.

Both inside and outside the building is inspected to get the most accurate report. The most common parts of the building we inspect are: common living areas, moisture-rich places (bathroom, kitchen and laundry), backyards, nearby trees and fencing, roof voids, around the foundation, and if possible, beneath the property.

Our expert team treat your property and tenants with respect. And you are free to go about your day in peace. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an inspection report within 24-hours of the inspection taking place with the following details:

Evidence of live termites and their species
Timber damage (i.e. rotting or flaking wood)
Signs of previous termite treatment
Most likely entry points in the building
Risk of future termite attacks
Recommended treatment options

Effective Long-Term Termite Treatment

  • Termite Chemical Barrier: A liquid chemical applied to the soil either under the concrete flooring or around the perimeter of the building’s foundation. These barriers are primarily used to kill or deter termites from getting into the property. For peace of mind they are 100% free of chemicals that may be toxic to humans, pets or other wildlife. And they provide several years of protection with no need for maintenance.
  • Baiting Stations: An enclosed case that contains termiticide which can only be accessed by the termites. When worker termites consume the bait, they return to the nest where the remaining termites and the queen die. Baiting stations can be refilled on a regular basis to provide long-term protection at a fraction of the cost of a liquid chemical barrier.

Safeguard Your Property

Don’t wait for harmful termites to cause damage to your home or business. Whether you are overdue for an annual inspection or plan on buying property – Critter Busters can help.

Get a FREE quote for your termite inspection in Penrith today. Call (insert number) or complete the online form for a quick response. Your pest expert will book a suitable day and time for you.

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